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Gloria Samwel

Gloria Samwel

Senior Assistant Auditor

Gloria Samwel ADA – Senior Assistant Auditor

Gloria Samwel is an Assistant Auditor with VA Business Assurance Services since January 2013, prior being employed on permanent and pensionable terms; she worked with the firm on volunteer basis since September 2012.
Gloria holds a Advanced Diploma in Accountancy from the Institute of Accountancy Arusha. She has also attended various seminars organized by NBAA and ICPAK on basic accounting issues and essential Auditing skills respectively. She also played a role of resource person on ongoing in-house training programme and has successfully made presentations on types of audit opinions and professional code of ethics. Gloria has gained adequate experience following her participation in audits of quite number of clients from different industries such as hotel and tourism, church projects, NGOs and donor funded projects, high learning institutions etc.

Her audit clients include Maramboi Tented Lodge Limited, Chrisc Church, EMC, Central Plaza limited, ERETO East Africa Foundation (donor funded programme), Chrisc church, Elerai limited, Arusha Urban water supply delivery project, Lutheran Mission Cooperation, Scripture Mission, Double N Insurance, LO/FTF Social dialogue, Nyirefami Limited, Pastoral Women Council (donor funded programme), EANNASSO, Tanzania Natural Resources Forum (TNRF), Babati Urban Water Supply and sanitation Authority, MKURU Training Trust Limited